Deloitte Software Developer

January 2019-March 2021

Projects Undertaken

Finance Industry Data Extraction Project

  • Designing and developing a solution for a company in the finance industry. The solution involved extracting information from unstructured data sources using Python, Spacy, Tesseract, and TensorFlow.
  • Supported project through the release process to production, ensuring project had no vulnerabilities or critical bugs.

Superannuation Industry Project

  • Independently delivered a stubbing automation suite which reduced expected performance testing effort by 75%, enabling the team to deliver a quality solution and focus on project.
  • Independently designed and delivered a business-critical API based integration that enabled the performance team to complete work on time without compromising solution quality.

Retail Industry Micro-service Based Project

  • Used NodeJS and CloudFormation to build a revamped experience for a company in the retail sector. Took ownership of building and maintaining 2 microservices and 1 service in the commercial printing domain.
  • Collaborated with client developers to ensure microservices used standardized design patterns and libraries.
  • Took on a leadership role late in the project as we managed the handover and knowledge exchange processes.

Internal Compliance Automation Project

  • Lead a team building out a proof-of-concept tool designed to automate over $1,000,000 of non-billable time per year.
  • Successfully engaged leadership and stakeholders to develop a business case and secure funding.


  • Identified a critical issue in the release plan related to performance testing, developed a proof of concept, and presented it to the executive stakeholders who signed off on going ahead with said solution. Implemented solution rapidly, avoiding further project delays and budget overruns.
  • Successfully delivered 95% of planned work to agreed timeline.