Last Yard Full Stack Software Engineer

March 2021-Current

Last Yard builds software solutions for the largest retailers in Australia and around the world.

I joined the Product Team at last yard working in the future-facing R&D squad. My day-to-day responsibilities involved the following technologies;

NodeJs Microservices (Typescript)

  • Responsible for day-to-day improvements to microservices.
  • Rearchitected a NodeJS microservice to be able to handle jobs in parallel across multiple workers, improving average job time from > 5 minutes to < 1 minute.

React/Redux/Typescript Frontend

  • Championed test coverage and test framework improvements
  • Responsible for maintaining and improving canvas-based SPA written in React.
  • Upgraded high-traffic legacy component of the frontend with only one defect raised.

Django (Python)

  • Maintaining and building new apis for the frontend.
  • Optimised ORM usage and general API performance.

Docker (Swarm) + Ansible

  • Championed migration of the dev environment to docker.
  • Generating microservice deployment config files for use with ansible.
  • On call for production outages, alerts, escalations. Responsible for resolving any infrastructure issues that occurred.
  • Automated local dev environment setup with ansible.


  • Architected and rolled out high-throughput, high-reliability IOT-based retail solution.
  • Supported Sales activities in a successful demo/pilot worth > 10,000 MRR.
  • Championed and successfully transitioned the development environment to a docker-based architecture.
  • Increased render performance from ~30 templates/minute to over 2000 templates in under a second.